Race Rules

Starting Procedures

Starting racers must have their bikes pre-positioned at the Start/Finish area. Racers will run on foot to find their bike, mount and take off!

Finishing The Race

The race will end at 3pm Saturday for the 6 hour race, 9pm Saturday, for the 12 hour race, and 9am Sunday for the 24 hour race..

Finishing Rules

  • Rule applies to all participants, including solos.
  • All team or solos must finish at or after the 6, 12 or 24 hour period for which the registered (4pm or after for the 6 hour race,10pm or after for the 12 hour race, 10 am or after for the 24 hour race).
  • If a participant finishes a lap before the 6-12-24 hour time, a member of the team (or solo) must start another lap or the team/solo will not record a finishing time and the team will be recorded as DNF (did not finish)
  • If a team/solo does not want to complete another lap, they may wait outside the finish line until after the 6, 12 or 24 hour time (4pm/10pm/10am). The final lap will then be recorded. The risk is that a competitor that has a similar lap count and time, might be able to pass while you are waiting for the 6, 12 or 24 hour time to pass. If you are worried that a team/solo might be able to catch you in that time frame, you should take another lap.

Team Captains

Each team will designate a team captain and co-captain. Team captains will represent the team in all official correspondence and communications before, during and after the event. The co-captain may represent the team during the event when the captain is unavailable. Only team captains and co-captains may file protests.

Pre-Race Meeting

The pre-race meeting will be at 8pm on Friday, The team captain and/or co-captain must attend the pre-race meeting; however, everyone is encouraged to attend.

Team Pit Area

Team's must designate one and only one pit area. Typically, this is at your campsite. Racers may change or repair any equipment in their Pit Area. Pit areas are not allowed on the course or in the Start/Finish area. However, emergency repairs may be performed in the Start/Finish area; you may even swap entire bikes. In the Start/Finish area or the team's pit area, racers may accept support from anyone. Also, teams may bring as many support people as they would like, but their support is limited to the Start/Finish and the teams pit areas, not on the course.

Support on the Course

Support on the course may only be supplied by other registered racers. Supporting racers must access the course under their own power (i.e. foot travel or on bike) and that access can only be achieved by following the course in either direction. Short cutting the course is not allowed. Supporting racers should stay clear of all competing racers. Supporting racers may take any equipment or tools with them; they may even swap bikes with their teammates. Cannibalizing bicycle parts is legal. Support can be provided by any registered racer on any team to any registered racer on any team.

Water and Food

Water and food may be supplied to any racer, by anyone, anywhere on the course. However, racers must stay well clear of the course when taking food or water. (And please do not throw energy food wrappers on the ground. Remember: Leave No Trace.)

Permitted Course Riders

Only officially registered racers, credentialed media and event staff may ride on the designated racecourse during the event.

Team Number Display

Racers must display their bike handlebar number on the front of their bikes, whenever on-course. In the case of a bike swap, racers must swap the bike number to the new bike prior to continuing the race. Race officials may request to see this at any time. Wrist bands have been added to designate team riders and paid participants. Wrist band must be worn to be accepted into race functions and be on the race course competing.

Right of Way

Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing or carrying their bikes should stay on the least rideable portion of the trail when being passed. Racers pushing or carrying their bikes may overtake a racer riding his bike provided that they do not interfere with the riding racer.

Lapped Racers

Lapped racers should yield to leaders. Leaders should be very vocal when preparing to pass any racer. "PASSING on your LEFT!," "PASSING on your RIGHT!" should be called out. It is the responsibility of the challenging racer to overtake safely. Racers being lapped must yield on the first command.

Vying for Position

When two racers are vying for position, the leading racer does not necessarily have to yield position to the challenging racer. However, a racer may not bodily interfere, intending to impede another racer's progress.

Short Cutting

Short cutting the course by any logged-in racer shall result in a disqualification of that racer's team.

Law Abiding

Federal, state and county laws and ordinances will be abided by at all times.


Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior will be taken very seriously. Such behavior by any racer shall subject that racer's team to a warning or immediate disqualification. This will be strictly applied when such behavior is directed at course officials, volunteers or spectators. The penalty imposed is at the discretion of the race director or co-director, should the race director be unavailable. No refunds.


Protests can only be made by team captains or co-captains. Protests will be made in writing and delivered to the race director or co-director any time during the race or after the end of the race, up to 15 minutes after the posting of the final results. Protests should contain any information that supports the protest, including description of the incident, witnesses, names, addresses, phone numbers and signature of protesting team captain. The race director, after his own discovery, will promptly rule on the protest.

Final Rulings

The race director has the final say in any ruling, including rulings made by the co-director.


During the night ride, racers must have a primary light source with a minimum rated power of 10 watts (or equivalent lumens). In addition, a rear light either solid or flashing/blinking shall be used. (Battery rechargers may be plugged in at the neutral charging station, when provided. For your own sake, teams should label their batteries and chargers with the team's name. The neutral charging station is unsecured.) Rental lighting is available in limited quantities through our lighting sponsor Niterider. See our sponsorship pages for contact and reserving your set today.

Lights Burning

Racers entering the course two hours before sunset on Saturday and up to one-half hour before sunrise on Sunday must have both primary and secondary light sources installed and in good working order. During this time, racers must have their lights burning. Racing with lights out to save batteries or racing with discharged batteries is dangerous and is done so at the rider's own risk.

Timing Tent Check-In

The log-out time of the finishing racer automatically becomes the log-in time for the next racer (regardless of whether or not there is a racer ready to begin his/her next lap. In other words, the clock is ticking the entire time.

Consecutive Laps

A racer may ride consecutive laps.

Verifying the Result Sheet

Lap times will be recorded, Registrars and race officials may request to see your race number on your back or your handlebar at any time.

Be sure to notify event director and timing company of mistakes as they appear on the online lap updates. Remember mistakes can be fixed if you all follow the directions and we find appropriate back-up records. Be patient. Results will be posted real time in the timing kiosk and available online real time as well.

Canceling A Lap

Once on-course, a racer must complete his or her lap. However, the team has the option of canceling a racer's lap and restarting the lap from the Timing Tent with a substitute. This is a difficult and costly decision, but if the first racer is unable to complete the lap for any reason, it may be to the team's advantage to cancel that racer's lap.

Any team member can cancel a racer's lap by notifying the team's registrar at the Timing Tent and initializing the Log-sheet next to the canceled lap. If a team cancels a racer's lap and restarts with a new racer, the new racer inherits the log-in time of the canceled racer's lap. Once a cancellation has been made, it cannot be rescinded. The canceled lap does not count as a completed lap.

Co-Ed Rules

Riders competing in the co-ed categories must have all riders finish within two laps of the rider with the highest number of laps. Each infraction will result in a one lap penalty. The women rider(s) on co-ed open teams must complete a number of laps no more than two laps fewer than the rider on her team who completes the most laps. And that goes for the men, too. If a Woman rider completes 14 laps and a male rider only completes 11 laps, a 1-lap penalty will be assessed.

This rule does not apply to any other categories.

Placing and Awards in Categories

1-2 teams in a category = medals for 1st place

3-6 teams in a category = medals for 1st and 2nd place

7+ teams in a category = medals 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places