Camping Map

Campsites are included in every registration - yes even single lap. Single-lappers will have a "camping area" specifically for them. All other racers will be assigned a site number at checkin. Please try not to "sprawl" off your site.

Tents, pop-ups, trailers and RV's are all welcome. Sites are 20' x 40' so plan accordingly. Power will be available onsite for your use but not at your site. There will be a community charging / power area. You are only allowed one wheeled vehicle per site. This means you could have the following:

*One car and a tent or two
*One trailer or pop-up (park truck or car in parking area)
*One RV

The public parking area is very close by so you won't have a shuttle or long walk to the park from where you park your vehicle. Additional sites are available for $50 and we guarantee that you will have two sites next to each other making your site 40'x40'. In this case, you could park your trailer on one site and your vehicle on the other. This is ideal for teams.

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